Green Haired Girls

 What people fail to realize about Busta Rhymes is before he was a big ass motherfucker jumping on everybody’s song. He was a skinny ass motherfucker jumping on everybody’s song. Through this decade (give or take a few years) of being crazy as fuck he came up with many gems, Before he was holding down the streets he was holding down the underground. Dreads or no dreads, Busta rhymes is one of the greats and here are some of his greatest songs, some well known some under the radar. Click The picture for download or Here
1. Nitty Gritty (Remix) Feat Busta rhymes 2. Blow His Head Off ft Ghostface Killah     3. So Hardcore    4. Takin’ What’s Mine    5. Survival Hungry     6. Put your hands where my eyes could See     7. One F. Erykah Badu     8. How We Do It Over Here (feat. Missy Elliott)     9. Touch It Remix ft Mary J Blige , Missy Elliot , Papoose , Lloyd Banks and Dmx          10. New York Shit (feat. Swizz Beatz)     11. Stop the Party (rmx) f. T.I., Cam’ron, Ghostface & DMX     12. Scenario Original (Unreleased)    13. Scenario (Original Demo Version)     14. Scenario (Remix)    15. Scenario F. A Tribe Called Quest         16. Baggage Handlers ft. Raekwon     17. Show Me What You Got     18. Just Another Day at the Range ft. Rah Digga     19. Gimme Some More     20. We could take it Outside     21. Everything Remains Raw     22. Case Of The P.T.A.         23. Fried Chicken  feat. nas     24. Abandon Ship     25. Woo Hah F. Rampage     26. Code of the Streets ft. M.O.P.           27. What’s Beef             28. Dungeon Dragon  Ft. Eminem        29. Pass The Courvoisier Part 1 (Feat. P. Diddy)            30. Pass The Courvoisier Part II ft P. Diddy & Pharrell           31. Sobb Story F. Leads of the New School    

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